Real Estate – 1 down – 1 to go

They finally close on one today… – didn’t think that was going to happen since they didn’t seem to be selling after over 2 years on the market – One down – one to go: (sold)

I don’t know which is better – shooting in daytime or night – they had no drapes so I preferred nights to eliminate mixed lighting… tungsten, fluorescent, shaded and direct sun… but if you could pull it off it might look better in late evening or early morning. I liked the late evening exterior shots with all the lights on. I’m sure you can do HDR but what a hassle. This project really made the 14mm pay for itself though not entirely by this job – at least half ;-). I created the web sites and I also did some 360VT shots for the one property – ( ). As always – good practice and learning opportunity – wish I could have lived in them while unsold – as you can see they weren’t too shabby.

Main Living area of Doral Crest Property - would make a nice studio.


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