Animoto is my friend

Animoto - The End of SlideshowsI’d seen ads for Animoto for over a year and hadn’t checked it out until a few months ago and I’ve since subscribed to it and made it a standard part of my workflow… shoot, edit in lightroom, generate proofs, pick, upload, set order, pick music and render. I generally use it to introduce the full gallery of client proofs.  Typically I select about 50 of my favorites and a song to go with them. It’s fast and easy, viral and people love the results. For most sessions I’ll include a DVD with the full resolution video. A professional subscription gives the option to download the video or code  to embed it in pages(I haven’t found how to embed it here but maybe WordPress doesn’t allow javascript/flash) and/or send it to Facebook. They have a great selection of royalty free music in a number of genres and you can also upload your own selections.  Perhaps the only drawback might be it only takes one song but I’ve found after 4 minutes or so it seems long.  You have to balance the number of pix to the length of the song.  Too many photos make the slides go by to fast – find a longer song or reduce the number of pictures to get the best flow.  New songs are added regularly and new templates are always in the works.  My favorite template is still their original but that could change as I try the newer releases.

Here are recent samples to enjoy:

Megan and Derek’s Wedding:
Alexandra and Dustin’s Wedding:
ADA Expo 2010:
KCI Kona:
Megan Ray’s Bridal Session:
Seniors: Sara, Savina and Shelby:
Shawn and Jessica are engaged:
Adriana’s Bridal Session:
Jacob Gonzales and Errika’s wedding:
Alexandra’s Bridal Session – includes videoclips with aged film FX:
Kona HI:

If not already selected sure to click the “HQ” option for best viewing  experience.  Check the volume control before you start since all have music associated with them.

At the end of the video there will be a link for viewing the entire gallery of images from the photo session…

If you have an Ipod or Iphone – “There’s an App for that…”   The App store has a free Animoto App download for viewing offline and other features…


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