Megan and Derek’s wedding

I’ve know Megan and her family for a long time and it was fun to shoot her wedding.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everything went well and the atmosphere was casual and happy for all involved. I think we managed to capture as much of it as possible and I hope you see it in the slideshow.

It was a long day with an early start.  The reception and church were some distance apart and I was asked to make an effort to capture the arrival of the wedding party at the reception so it meant setting up lighting for both locations well  ahead of time.  I lit the reception hall in Boerne first and was fortunate they had a flat white tiled ceiling and a square space with the dance floor near a raised stage.  There were drapings from the center of the ceiling but high enough I didn’t anticipate shadow problems from them.  I placed Elinchrom 600s in all 4 corners with umbrella reflectors aimed about 30 degrees toward the  and programmed the remote triggers  for diagonal lighting  on 2 channels and I could also opt to fire all at once. I set up power output so I averaged f8 at ISO400 and could drop down to f2.8 at ISO50 as an option. The Elinchrom triggers allow remote adjustment of the output if I decide to change it up later. This “fishey shot” gives you an idea of the layout – all strobes were fired for this image

Megan and Derek's wedding reception - fisheye photo

Megan and Derek's wedding reception - fisheye photo

The church (St. Joseph’s of Honeycreek on Hwy46) was long and spacious.  I decided on Elinchrom Ranger 1200s for the church to avoid running extension cords. I brought my Dynalite 400s as backup just in case but left them packed in the kit.  In hindsight they should have been assembled because the church was booked for a Quinceanera almost immediately afterwards leaving little time for them though in an emergency we could possibly force a delay.  I set up diagonally front and back so I could shoot from a “stage left position without getting lens flare.  Two strobes were placed “stage right” – one set to bounce from the front wall and the other bouncing toward the back of the church. I kept the power moderate to about f5.6 @ ISO 400.  All were on separate channels so I had some flexibility. These strobes are very short duration and they provide minimal annoyance. Shooting them without umbrellas made them a little less conspicuous and I was very fortunate Fr. Jimmy Drennan was very accommodating.  He was very good at setting up the initial shots  to expedite our departure before the quinceanera. You can see the 2 forward heads on the left side of this image shot without firing them – pretty decent ambient light and Lester made some great shots using only his on camera flash fitted with a Gary Fong Diffuser.

You can see the effect of these strobes in most shots as you look through the wedding day gallery.

They are very effective at improving the image quality beyond the normal “deer in the headlights” appearance straight on camera flash provides.  I didn’t mention it before but I split the trigger signal and also shoot a balanced on camera flash as part of the lighting treatment.

The video slide show is now ready for you to enjoy.


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