James’ First Glider Solo – 8.22.10

James made his first solo flight in a glider this past Sunday at the Boerne Stage Airfield and I made it just in time to photograph and video record it. I was able to mount a ContourHD helmet camera on a chasis strut behind his right shoulder so he could have all his friends “along for the ride.”  The camera has a laser alignment feature to facilitate pointing the camera and it was in a pretty good location.  On the next flight we plan to position it higher and aim slightly lower so we can see the instrument panel and controls.  You can view the video by clicking here. Update 8.29.10 – Ride along with James on his 4th solo and a very smoooooth landing. Note in this adventure James opted to mount the camera on a headband.  Ride along by clicking here!

The gliders are very sleek and fun to watch.  This airport is also home to many single and dual engine planes, some of which routinely take off and land in the grassy strip between the runways.  It’s a different crowd of flying enthusiasts and pilots who have a lot of fun with their passion for planes.

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