Toothsome “Twilight” Teens

Senior photo sessions can be a lot of fun and sometimes just as fun in the post production process. Adjusting exposure, cropping, etc., can get tedious and sometimes to break the monotony I’ll play with an image to test the features of the software – in this case using one of my favorite tools – Lightroom 3.

Lightroom has masking tools that allow selective application of various adjustments letting you paint the image with the effect such as saturation, exposure, brightness, clarity, sharpness, etc., and even has a number of presets for whitening teeth and enhancing the eyes.  In these photos I used those tools to “turn” the girls into extras for the next casting call.  Lightroom allows for jumping to Photoshop for more involved edits and it was only needed for the mods to the “fangs.”  The girls were pleased with the results and made posters from them.  Check out the proofs below… You can view the proof gallery from the session at: or


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