Beat Bash 2010

Radio Station 98.5 put on the Beat Bash once again at the AT&T center in San Antonio.  I was invited to shoot from the pit and cover the back stage hospitality activities as well as vendor setups and other candid photo ops.  I’m not a big fan of rap music but I did like Frankie and Amanda – 2 of the artists in the line-up. There was a huge turnout and this was a really different experience altogether.  I experimented with flash and shot a lot of available light with mixed results.

One trick paid off with some nice shots.  I put the camera on a monopod with a 15mm fisheye lens. I then set the shutter timer, focused for the stage and hoisted the camera up to eye level with the performers.  The only drawback was timing the shot when the artist was going to be in the right position. I’ve since bought a remote cable so I can control the shots and take multiple frames from above.  I’ve often used this technique for crowded venues to give a sense of the turnout for an event.

Here are some selected shots from this event:


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