Down Under Promo


Sydney Skyline @ dusk

Sydney Skyline @ dusk


For the past 4 years I’ve been asked to produce promotional videos for a national incentive plan for the top sales performers at KCI. The objective is to motivate them to achieve high levels of sales volume in order to win a trip to some location chosen by the sales management team.  The past several years have included Cannes, France, Monaco, Capetown, South Africa, with a safari in the Sabi Sabi game reserve and last year was Kona, Hawaii. The winners are allowed to select from numerous activities during their stay. The videos are shown at National Sales conferences and remain online with links from the intranet sales portal and reinforced by periodic reminders including links to post event video slide shows (2010).  I’ve been lucky enough to accompany the winners the last 3 years to document their trip in photos (samples: 2009, 2010 ) and video.

The 2011 trip destination is Australia! It seems every time it comes to making these videos, it is needed in a very short time making it difficult to find footage and the appropriate music. This year I was very lucky to get extremely high quality footage from the Australian Tourist Bureau.  The only set back was the format was digital beta max and the equipment to convert it for editing in Final Cut is expensive and few services have the capability. I was lucky enough to find 1080 here in San Antonio and the side benefit was a visit to a very high profile video production company. Using the beautiful footage(I’ve seen the same footage used in ads run nationally) made it so much more fun. I built an animation of the logo for the front end and used some aboriginal sounds  of  didgeridoo and  energetic drums starting out slow with punches of sound to accentuate the transitions to higher paced cuts.  You can view the final version by clicking  here (requires Flash player). It’s always a question of whether I’ll get to go or not due to commitments at work but it looks like it could be an interesting though long trip.  I wouldn’t get to see these places otherwise but it gets to be quite hectic with all the work behind the scenes of prepping and editing… then upon return there is about 2 weeks of post production for all the images and video.

Another benefit of the experience is working with Terry Renna from Florida.  He is a professional photographer who shoots for Associated Press and covers the NASA activities, selected NASCAR events and has a lot of insights into making a living taking pictures. I look forward to working with him and learning from his years of experience. He has a great attitude and can make it all the more fun. He says we make a good team – his shooting – my computer skills… and sometimes my shooting 😉


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