It’s been too bizzy too long but let’s get something posted…

I’ve not posted in a while – so much shooting and editing I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath – gotta raise the prices or quit taking in so much work.  Friday October 8th started a marathon with a wedding shoot for a former co-worker.   It was a small affair held in the back yard of one of his fiance’s close friends. The decorations were meticulously crafted and the yard was lit with “icicle lights” and candles adding to the ambiance.  The wedding cake was beautifully decorated and I wish I could have shot it in a studio to show how nice it was.

Tomm and Theresa's wedding cake

Tomm’s family is from Norway and a group made the long trip to help celebrate the occasion.  They wrote up a “skit” and presented the couple with a unique selection of  “Nordic” gifts including a plane ticket for the couple to come visit the home country.

Tomm's family presents the couple with "Nordic" keepsakes and plane ticket to the homeland.

See the rest of the photos from the celebration by clicking here.


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