Andi and Craig are engaged…

Sunday morning was overcast when I met Andi (Ray) and Craig for their photo session. Craig proposed to Andi at the park so they thought it cool to shoot their engagement photos here.  I brought a potpourri of lighting and other equipment including my 600mm f4.0 telephoto lens.  The 600mm is not my standard gear for engagements but I had an idea we could shoot some pix of them out on the water in the paddle boats.  As luck would have it – the boats are not rented after Labor Day.  At the end of the shoot I figured that if I took the trouble to bring it – we’d shoot it so I have some nice shots of them walking up the bridge and kissing – if it weren’t for it’s conspicuous size it could make for great paparazzi candid shots over 100 yards away.

Here are a few select images I picked from a quick pass through the files. I’m way behind on my post production so it may be another week to get through them all. You can visit my Flickr gallery for some details of lighting, etc. until I get caught up… ( My Flickr Gallery )  (The last 4 images are taken with the 600mm at around 100 yards – when zoomed in you can read the inscription on Andi’s necklace in the original file)


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