MMMMmmm, I love bugs! …macros that is. While shooting the gardens I came across a cool caterpillar that was very colorful.  I made a couple of shots then thought about coming back  with some other items if he’d cooperate.  He had set up shop on a parsley plant so  I placed him back and hoped to see him the next day. Luck would have it he was unable to eat the whole thing overnight – probably due to the night chill that slowed his metabolism after dark. I came back with what amounted to a miniature photo studio consisting of 4 Canon 580EXIIs and various clamps and a Lastolite soft box to mount one of the strobes.   One of the flashes was dedicated to illuminating the background. I set up in front of a Mexican Heather bush with small purple flowers  and arranged the other lights as if this was bug couture.  It was a very cooperative critter allowing me an hour plus of setting lights and changing output etc for maximum effect. Once I set it  all up I went around gathering other items of interest to try out in the micro studio… sample shots below:


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