Go Pro Experiments

I have a couple of helmet cams I use in production and my favorite has been the GoPro Hero 2.

So multipurpose and a lot has to do with the mounting options and not to mention it is totally waterproof.  I bought an LCD back for it but most of the time it’s not worth installing since the lens is so wide.  One thing I’m adding to the kit is a hand mirror since it is very difficult to check the aim when wearing on a helmet or using the head band. I have most of their mounts and I’ve made or adapted a few of my own.  I often use a Noga Cine Arm with Nano clamp which is very utilitarian. In the next two photos I show how it mounted to the rear chainstay on a bicycle and to the front fork axle lever.

I’ll add some clips later to share the ride from this low angle perspective ;-)…

As promised here are some clips – rather long but didn’t have time to edit. During the second half of the ride we came up on some of the Wounded Warriors on hand bikes. I rode with them for a while and got some cool footage.  Stay for the end or skip to it and you’ll ride along with me… right into a pole (ouch!).


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