San Patricio engagement session

I often shoot with other photographers when they don’t mind me tagging along. It gives me the opportunity to test some ideas and setups instead of waiting for a live shoot where every shot is critical and the client’s patience is limited to the shots necessary to get the job done.

We left San Antonio for San Patricio,+Texas&t=m&z=13&ll=27.954462,-97.771942&output=embed
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(near Corpus Christi) early in hopes of spotting photo ops along the way – another reason to tag along since the gas was already paid for by his client 😉

We really didn’t come across anything notable on the trip down but when we arrived on location we were pleasantly surprised. ( The whole way there we kept looking for something interesting, even driving miles out of our way in hopes of finding antique tractors or critters. Low and behold in the grass yard next to the reception hall was an old 1940’s vintage Ford pickup – in just the perfect shape for photos (only the tires and wheels were not original).

This site is the location of the wedding in June and the couple wanted pictures on this property. (After taking some shots of the pickup we decided on a shaded boat dock with an old aluminum boat. It provided some shade but the moving sun made it fortunate I packed the “Sun Swatter.”  As it happened the swatter was most effective in getting the couple to smile as they watched me wrestle it in wind gusting to 20mph.  It also provided excitement when it had a near miss with wasp nests crowding the rafters of the boat house.

The gallery below are samples of shots taken with TTL controlled remote flash units and even the Canon 45mm TS lens for DOF special FX.


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