Gitzo Repurposed

I have the GoPro helmet cam and the more I use it the more things I find I can do with it.  I’ve used an extension pole to follow riders but it was only 2 feet long and I wanted more reach. K-tek sells the “Tadpole” for close to $200 but I had an idea to save that money and get more use out of my Gitzo GM2541 monopod.  I found you can disassemble it and come up with a comparable pole that has more than a single purpose.
After removing the rubber tip you can take the double ended stud from the head end, add a 3/8 inch flat washer and nut, then screw the tip into the GoPro “tripod” mount attachment or a mini ballhead and the tripod attachment. The collapsed length is ~20″ and the extended length is ~65″. Compact and lightweight carbon fiber it quickly and easily converts back to the monopod configuration when needed.

Finished assembly…A small rubbr or plastic cap protects the threads when not in use.

A mini-ball head is a worthwhile investment for flexibility in positioning the camera.Watch the video below to see the pole in action…


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