Looking at You

Wind, sun, dust and weather don’t always play nice.  Sometimes it causes blinks, squints and other facial contortions to interfere with the look of the photo. Near the end of a session makeup, hair and other factors were not all working well either.  Portrait Pro helped with a “digital makeup” fix but to fix the eyes I jumped out of Lightroom to Photoshop(Elements can also work for this edit). Here is a quick fix that sometimes works for certain photos.

This is a closeup screenshot of before and after Portrait Pro processing.  Portrait Pro actually has a modifier to adjust eye size/opening but could not make a significant improvement. The skin is a little over smoothed but a little blending can fix that and it doesn’t look as obvious when viewed at print size.

Once in photoshop I selected her left eye and used the Transformation tool to flip the layer.

After positioning over her right eye, a mask was added to the layer and the layer was blended to match the surrounding features.The “catchlight” was then cloned to the opposite side to match her left eye.

The resulting image was an overall improvement.This is the full image.Too tired to pose anymore – could hardly get a smile going but it was a fun shot none the less.


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