Studio for Signage

Recently had a call to set up and photograph principals in an eastside law office.  The office was located at the end of a strip mall and the waiting room was jam packed – “take a number” packed.  It looked more like an emergency room than a law office and perhaps it was an emergency law office.  They specialized in immigration law but were planning to expand their reach into criminal and other areas. The back wall had a giant flat screen display with all the appointments queued up. There were open areas  for consulting and almost a mass production environment – quite different than what I was used to seeing when shooting for other law offices housing corporate, intellectual property attorneys. It was a bustling operation and you wouldn’t think they needed to advertise but the call was toget images to use in the upcoming roadside billboard campaign starting in just a few weeks.

They said the had a new office I could set up in but for the full body shots the low ceilings and short space made me opt for the outer mall area.  It turned out to be the best option. At this end of the mall the traffic was light an I could use about half the width and plenty of length was available.

I used a narrow seamless since the shots were going to be knocked out and composited.  I layered the lighting to separate the background exposure and you can see the basic lighting arrangement above. As with most shoots there are a lot of unknowns but bringing plenty of gear and having a McGiver attitude gets the job done.  The poses were staged and I placed numbered tags on the floor so I could get them to point their feet toward each of the seven positions as they changed poses. This afforded almost unlimited arrangement options in the final compositing. I shot tethered so I could get preliminary review/approval as the shoot progressed.  The setup allowed business as usual and minimal time on the part of the attorneys.

I provided some “airbrush” options which pleased the female attorney and also presented a slimmer version of the head of the firm.The ad agency was thoroughly pleased with the production and the results. The communications group quickly returned with a proof of what one of the billboards might look like.

The boards should be up in a few weeks and I’m planning to get some photos “in situ.”

The following week I shot stills while the TV ads were being produced.
I hope to shoot some similar ads for the agency later this year.


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