Fruit Shoot

More experimentation with Canon 600EX-RT flash units and modifiers. Fresh berries make for a colorful subject and are great for testing setups on a small scale. I found some nice looking raspberries of the red and interesting yellow varieties. Blueberries added a darker contrast and for this shoot I left the background dark and used a bamboo cutting board for support along with a pickle fork to provide some elevation.

It was interesting to see the change in textures and highlights as I moved the lights.Moving the light on the right side toward the front accentuated the textures. it was much more to my liking though it wasn’t quite far enough to catch the top berry. I also filled in the top berry with Lightroom’s masking brush to enhance the illumination.Info:
Canon 5D MKII w/ Canon 100mm f/2.8 @ f/11 ISO 200 1/400sec (HSS). Canon 600EX-RTs triggered with same.


The fancy sugar crystals added a touch more interest to the composition. I have plans for more experiments to come…


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