Going GoPro again at Canyon Lake

Went back to Canyon Lake again to try out more tricks with the GoPro Hero 2 “everything cam.”

Canyon Lake Jet Ski Fun :: 07.09.12 from Joel Spring on Vimeo.

The GoPro has a gazillion options so I try to experiment with it any chance I get.  The girls riding and wrecking on the jet ski make for some great footage and I even get to ride along a time or two.  This trip I tried out the Gitzo Monopod ( rxdesign.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/gitzo-repurposed/  ) I converted to mount the camera at the end for different perspectives.  It worked great as a transition tool by using it to dunk the camera between takes. There are several examples in the sample video above.

I tried using it to spot fish close to the shore line but the small ones didn’t let me get close enough and the water was not as clear as it could be. Might have better luck in the Frio river where it is often crystal clear.  I’ll be sure to take it along on our next kayak excursion.

Along with all the other settings the camera has an interval timer for the photos.  You choose the standard setting and it fires an 11mp image every 2 seconds.  This setting seems to work well for time lapse. You simply copy the images and open them in Quicktime 7 as a sequence and it will create the video for you.  It’s large to start so you simply export the footage to whatever format suits your needs. The cloud formations are fascinating to watch as the form and dissolve.

This trip I also tried the SVGA mode at 120 fps.  I was a little disappointed mixing it with the HD footage since it is so low res. I scaled it up to match the other footage but the pixelation under compression wasn’t pretty.  I think next time I will show it as an inset without scaling.


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