Reflected Poms

Recently found some pomegranate fruit in season at the local grocery store. The inner fruited seeds are like jewels so I bought one to experiment with some shooting techniques with studio lighting and with available light.

My first studio setup I decided to experiment with reflections off a black glass plate and include a light from underneath.  In this case I was using all Canon 600EX-RT flash units since the subject was small and they are so quick and easy to use.  Below is a shot of the setup.The results were pretty interesting. I used a red gel below to intensify the color and made many adjustments to the lights as I built a series of shots varying the strobe intensities.  Below are 2 selected images from my tests.These were interesting but my favorites came from natural lighting.  Initially I worked indoors using light coming through the windows on a corning hot plate.I switched focal points from front to center shifting from individuals to clusters of seeds. I then decided to take some shots out on the back deck to get some variety in the background. I used a “plamp” to hold some shrubbery behind the shot for more color and incorporated a crystal shot glass to hold more fruit/color. I shifted focus here as well but can’t really say which I prefer. The bokeh is really pretty and colorful.

I did notice glare on the shot glass from reflections of the walls and incorporated a black foam core “gobo” to eliminate it.  It was also the reason I went for the wood surface to reduce glare experienced using the Corning trivet/hot plate. Basic post processing was done in Lightroom to adjust clarity and exposure.


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