Finders / Keepers – mostly finders

I’m finished shooting the wine products but still have the wine.  I’ve been carrying it in the insulated case provided by the distributor but it’s often been in the sun for hours at a time while I fidget over setups, cleaning and arranging. The shooting was only a matter of minutes but the prep was time consuming.  I’m thinking it is not going to be worth drinking if they are ever opened. I’ve almost worn off the labels cleaning and prepping them for the shoots.

I like the “Finders Keepers” branding and it plays on my mind to come up with interesting shots for them. So much so I took the bottles with me last Monday on a trip to South Padre with my daughters and their “kids….”

The “grandkids” – Mac, Cooper and Yellar.

Mac and Cooper were into the rest and relaxation. They actually seemed to enjoy the burial and Mac stayed until we dug her out.My first thought was to set up the bottle so it would seem as though the bottle washed in with the tide.  Usually there is abundant seaweed in the surf but that day there was hardly any and most of it was dead and not the bright green sargasso I had in mind.Then the waves of the incoming tides were unpredictable making it harder to time the shot. I did get an interesting splash of foam in the following shot but the water moved the bottle and I don’t think the angle is quite right.Another concept was having a bottle partially revealed by the wind across the sand dunes.  I added a garnish of Goat’s Foot Creeper (Morning Glory vine) and a stalk of wild sea oats. After seeing the shot there is always something that could make it more interesting. I should have added one of the ghost crabs I caught for interest.A view of the water from over the dune had a nice look but for some reason I kept missing alignment of the horizon and the bottle – I should have leaned it over in a shot or two just for effect.Opening up to f/2.8 (70-200mm @ 200mm) removed details of the ocean but kept the beautiful colors of the water and sky.This last shot was interesting in concept but execution was lame.  It could work with more care to detail. The idea comes from seeing treasure seekers using metal detectors hunting for the prize. I just placed an old outdated head in the shot but a modern one with the open ring design might have sold the shot better. These were just concept shots on the fly and if the client decides in favor then things will step up a few notches in follow through.Though I’m not into drinking I should probably drink it all so I can let it go… but then again it may give me a few more ideas.


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