MX blast from the past

I’ve been going through drives and organizing files. I came across my archives of motocross races and it brought back memories of dehydration, dust, mud, noise, twisted ankles, life-flights, broken bikes, pretty girls (pit tootsies), and a lot more. I have socks that still show the telltale stain of the red sand from the track.

I started posting some faves on flickr and invite you to check in on them occasionally.

Here are a few to get you started…

A lot of what’s flying in the air ended up on me and my camera. I usually had a cover on it for days like this and after the event I spent time with a mini-vac getting it out. After my own shower there was a heavy deposit of sand around the drain. For several days after I was coughing it up. I really appreciated the weatherized design of my old Canon 1Dx MKII.

Canadian Women’s Pro MX :: Some girls like it in the dirt and these ladies are pros…

Last minute instructions before they drop the gate – way more formidable and intimidating than your average soccer mom

Future womens’ pro rider – Good helmet hair day

Unknown competitor @ CycleRanch – archives

Travis Pastrana on Suzuki @ CycleRanch – archives

Travis Pastrana on Suzuki @ CycleRanch – archives

I had fun shooting these events.  I put the images online and filled orders for prints. The track management was very accommodating and supportive, something I found rare in covering the racing circuit. I keep thinking I’ll go shoot it again for fun though it may never really be the same as it was.


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