Wilson County – We Support Our Troups

I came across another interesting set of shots in my archives while reorganizing my folders…In 2004 when things were hot in heavy in the middle east I had a request to take a picture of a community gathering in support of the troops overseas.  The Wilson County News requested I come to Floresville, Texas and take a picture of the group in front of the Wilson County Courthouse.

There wasn’t a huge turnout but the percentage for the area was high…  partly due to the threatening weather all around. I almost turned back on my drive to the location due to the heavy thunderstorms. It was dry when I arrived.

The density of the crowd made it difficult to see faces. I had brought a ladder but it was still difficult.  The building across the street had a supported awning so I used my ladder in the bed of a truck to get up on it and hoist a pair of 2000 watt dynalites powered by a single Mx2000 power pack and triggered by Pocket Wizards. At full output these provided sufficient light to fill in the shadows. Late evening light and overcast skies helped even out the lighting.  This was one of the last shoots I used film in addition to a Canon 1Ds with a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 shooting RAW. I believe the setting was roughly f/11 ISO 400 and 1/200 second digital and I used chrome in the Hasselblad 501 at about f8 and 1/125 second.

The Wilson County News ran the photo on the front page and produced other collateral in the form of post cards and posters. The final shot was a bit cluttered with signage and there wasn’t much we could do about other issues due to the oncoming storm but it served its purpose. I also got my first press pass from them.


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