Multi-task a Wedding to the Max

I’ve covered a number of weddings over the years.  Most of the time I am just photographing it, and sometimes I videotape it. In some cases  I have done both.

This wedding venue was quite unique. The ceremony took place in the Chapel Dulcinea located on the grounds of “The Wizard Academy” which they will quickly point out has nothing to do with Harry Potter.  It is located about 20 minutes from downtown Austin, Texas.  The chapel sits quietly but daringly on the edge of an ancient walking trail watching over the Texas hill country.  It’s barely visible from FM 1826. There is no charge for use of the chapel though they do encourage donations and it’s unique architecture makes it a very special experience. It is very small and only seats 12 on limestone benches in an open air setting. The roof affords some protection from the weather and we were fortunate threatening rains were held off by answered prayers.

Shana is getting ready for Adam’s “First Look”

Adam is moments away from “the first look.”

The first look…

Then a second look…

Adam gets a second “First Look” – this time – Shana’s “camo” garter.

Exchanging vows…

Adam places the ring on Shana’s finger…

Shana places the ring on Adams finger…

A kiss seals the promise…

Traditional “ringing of the chapel bell” after the ceremony…

“Legend” has it the number of rings indicates the number of children the couple will have – the bell rang twice… who can argue with legend when the chapel is located on the grounds of “The Wizard Academy.”

Shana with her new in-laws…

Shana’s twin sisters in support of her marriage to Adam Carter…

For this event I covered both photo and video since it was relatively small. On this occasion I had one additional and more important responsibility – “Father of the Bride.”


One Comment on “Multi-task a Wedding to the Max

  1. Congratulations!! Father of the Bride (I actually read all the way to the end.). Great pictures of a very nice intimate service and setting.

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