Raechel flexes at Metroflex

Raechel contacted me several weeks ago to ask for a photo session around the time she was to compete in the women’s fit physique category. The weeks leading up to the competition involve extreme dieting and rigorous training scheduled to achieve peak fitness in the precise time frame of the event.  Her dedication and results were nothing short of amazing.  She then decided she’d rather peak for a photo session and make every shot count. Her goal is to use the images to promote her business as a fitness coach and consultant.

She also wanted to have the session in her home gym, the Metroflex Gym in Houston, Texas.  This added to the challenge of the shoot since I had to hall all the studio lighting and set up in a corner of the gym.  It was a bit cramped but we managed to get it done despite the clutter.
I set up a white seamless paper backdrop with 2 chimera 1′ x 3′ strip soft boxes either side  and used a 72″ Elinchrom Octabank as the main light and a chimera 5-7 octaplus on the end of a to illuminate the backdrop. I later added a octaplus 3 at camera left for highlights. The strips were set at a higher output than would normally be used in the studio to enhance the shadow contrast of the muscle definition.  When shooting men I’ve not used the diffusers to get an even harder edge to the shadow.  I felt this combination of strip lights would better suit her objectives – more fitness oriented.

Raechel wanted to get some shots on the equipment and with some of the signature graphics / graffiti on the walls for a background. The tight spaces made it impossible to use the studio lighting gear so I opted to use my Canon 600EX-RT’s with umbrellas and lumidyne softbox.
I then set up a black backdrop for some high contrast and added smoke for effect.

All the photos from the session can be seen in the gallery here:


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