Capturing Waves

IMG_1616Usually I’m capturing images / photos(light waves or sound waves depending on whatever theory you support) but often I have assignments to capture sounds. In this case the sounds of medical innovation research – a group of physician’s discussing the merits of medical devices and the basis for papers or research.


The company goes to a great deal of time and expense to fly in and host a group of doctors to present ideas. It’s critical every word is captured for its value in furthering marketing and research efforts. In support of this, audio was recorded in triplicate. The main out was sent to a Sound Devices 4 channel digital recorder, a Zoom 4 channel digital recorder and another feed sent to the audio mic input of a Canon HFS21 HD video camera. The size of the room suggested we include speaker output to cover the room for speakers whose voice got lost in the spaciousness of the GHQ executive board conference room.




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