Dr. Agnese Interview – Kessler Cineslider implementation

I was given an assignment to record a short clip of UIW President Dr. Louis Agnese speaking for Prevent Blindness Texas. I wanted to incorporate something different and at the same time get some time using the Kessler Cineslider so I brought it along for the session. When I arrived I found out he would be seated in the conference room and that gave me the opportunity to simply place it on the table.  I decided to put my Sony PMW-EX1 on it and set it to a tight shot of his face and place my Sony PMW-EX3 above it and shoot wider.  He suggested I crop out his hands to avoid distraction.

Here’s a shot of the setup.photoand here are some frame grabs from the 2 perspectives.PBTInterview-AgneseBroll-1 PBTInterview-AgneseAroll-1I had the Oracle controller attached and moved the camera back and forth changing direction at each side of his face.  I varied the speed but in editing it seemed I was a little too slow on the earlier moves. I think on the next interview in the series I’ll try a push and pull to see what impact or interest it may provide.

I’ve posted the clips on Vimeo here:






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