Norma and James – Engagement session at the Ranch in San Patrico

Norma and James – Engagement session at the Ranch in San Patrico
2013-08-20_0003.jpgExcept for the first image(s) these photos were taken with my Canon 1Dx using a Canon 300mm f/2.8 telephoto – a great lens.  I wanted to see how this would work and the new model II lens is light weight and manageable for the short time required for this type of shooting. I have used it hand held shooting tennis tournaments and it’s surprisingly light and easy to hold for extended periods though a monopod comes in handy for all day shooting.

Lately I’ve made it a habit to use my wireless transmitter and an Ipad for easy review with the client.  I also carry a Canon CP900 Selphy dye sub printer that will print wireless from the Ipad. In the first shot I took a picture of the couple then printed it black and white so they could hold it for the shot.  I am currently using the “Shuttersnitch” app on the Ipad to make it all happen.

I lit the subjects using Canon 600EX-RT speedlights with Speedlite Speedboxes (2) both controlled using an on camera 600EX-RT with flash disabled on most shots only for controlling the other 2 off camera strobes.


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