Alamo City Super Champ Major Zone Tournament (16-18) – San Antonio TX – San Antonio Tennis Association

Alamo City Super Champ Major Zone Tournament (16-18) – San Antonio TX – San Antonio Tennis Association. Coverage with Canon 1Dx using a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 and the new Canon 300mm f/2.8 II (unbelievable performance – ideal for this type of shooting.) I brought along my Canon 600mm f/4 for the far court but it was a beast to carry around.


I also set up a “kiosk” to display images in a slideshow as I captured them. I set up one of my Canon 1Dx with a WFT-E6a wireless transmitter, selected images, and transmitted them to my Ipad using “Shuttersnitch.” The Ipad was connected to a 40″ flat screen display so people could view them as they registered at the club house.  I also placed sample prints on the table with business cards and at later events we hung poster samples on the glass behind the table. It was very popular with the participants and they often crowded the table to watch themselves as they appeared in the slideshow.  I even created some promo slides with contact and ordering information to interspersed with the live feed images.



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