Vintage Camera photo collection note cards

My sister and brother-in-law gave me a vintage Leica 35mm camera for my birthday.  I’d really been wanting at least one old camera for a prop and to use in table top studio sessions. This certainly filled the bill.

I often send thank you notes to clients using off the shelf store bought cards and I had the idea I should send something a little different. My “new” camera gave me a perfect start.

I had plans to take it to different locations and take pictures of it with different backgrounds. I may still do that but I wanted to get some cards done to use in the interim so I opted for a seamless white background in my home studio. I then processed the shots in Lightroom 5 and converted it to a “vintage” look black and white simulated emulsion print image. I laid out the card using Adobe Illustrator to utilize some old 4.5 x.6.25 inch folding card stock (bleach white but hope to get some cream or off white for later runs). I printed about 75 cards and envelopes to get started using my Canon Pixma Pro 9000.

The design started simple with just the photo and subtitle on the front. I then added a copyright on the back. I then made a little emblem to go in the upper left corner of the matching envelopes. This gave way to adding the same emblem to the back of the note cards. I tend to write crooked so I added faint grey dotted guide lines to the inside. This gave me the idea to add he same lines for addressing the envelope instead of putting a line guide inside the envelope.  My engineering background made me a little too retentive about this kind of thing.


Canon 5D MKII with Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens, Dynalite studio strobes, shoot through umbrella and chimera medium softbox with 40 degree grid triggered with Pocketwizards.


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