Lowe Pro Roller case handle fix / repair / replacement

Just made a video for the repair /replacement  of the wheels:

I’ve been a LowePro fan for a long time as you can see by my collection below.  They get a lot of hard use and even though I take good care of them, things just tend to wear out after years of service.

In a previous post I demonstrated how to repair the wheels.  In this DIY article I show how to repair or replace a handle that has worn through the strap.  The handles are not meant to be replaced as evidenced by factory installation with permanent rivets. LowePro Customer Support is great and even so it’s sometimes easier and quicker to make a repair to keep things “rolling”.

After lifting out the inner case, unzip the liner (this is an early LowePro Roller II). Then use a drill or rotary tool to grind off the flattened portion of the rivet which will allow it to be extracted from the shell of the case.

I found 1″ wide webbing from an outdoor sports store in the climbing department.  I cut a section long enough to be able to fold it over several times as you can see in the pictures above.  I used a propane torch to fuse the ends and heat up a bent piece of wire coat hanger to pierce the webbing and fuse the hole edges at the same time.  The folds of the webbing put the tag end at the “bottom” of the stack so it won’t curl up and catch on things.

In order to keep things neat I used a “button head socket cap screw” (1/4-20unc x 1″ – has a low profile smooth head) and then added a “fender washer” to spread the compression over the width of the webbing (1/4″ ID with approximately 1″ outside diameter). I used 1/4-20unc “acorn” nuts buttered with a dab of  “Loctite” threadlocker to fasten the assembly to the case.  The metal backing plate and the locking nut made it unnecessary to use a washer.

I made the handle loops slightly oversize so I could add carabiners to hang or tie other gear. The original attachments had a metal reinforcing band but with 4 plies of webbing these should serve just as well.


3 Comments on “Lowe Pro Roller case handle fix / repair / replacement

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  2. I’ve a pro roller 1,
    Can you provide link for purchase of wheel replacement kit, zip code 11204,
    Can pay in US $ via Venmo or PayPal
    Dan W . eu3.eu2@gmail.com

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