Digital Makeup Courtesy of Portrait Professional Studio

I often get calls for updating a head shot / portrait and it’s needed in a hurry… there is not time or interest in bringing a make-up artist for the shoot much less the added expense. Portrait Professional Studio to the rescue – a very inexpensive plugin for Lightroom that makes retouching facial features fast and easy. Default settings can produce some bizarre results due to the morphing algorithms but a judicious hand on the the slider controls can bring it all back into line. I usually turn off the morphing altogether unless there are some facial features that give cause to use it. I use it most often when one eye is slightly closed compared to the other. I’ll also dial back the teeth whitening and sharpening if haloing is apparent.


I neglected to pack my Elinchrom heads so I opted to use a Canon 600EX-RT reverse mounted inside as the light source. The images was captured using a Canon 1Dx with a Canon 600EX-RT on camera with Canon WFT-E6a wireless tether to an Ipad 3 using Shuttersnitch, a Canon 600EX-RT mounted in a SMDV Speedbox Diffuser-60 softbox camera left, a 23″ SMDV Speedbox Diffuser-60 softbox camera right, and a Westcott Rapid Box 26″ Octa Softbox for a hair light and a Canon 600EX-RT mounted in it. Post processed in LIghtroom 5 and B/W “Orange” preset for conversion and enhanced using the Portrait Professional Studio plugin.


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