Behind the scenes with Ballet San Antonio

I have a fun new project filming behind the scenes with Ballet San Antonio as they get ready for their production of Ben Stevenson’s Cinderella.  The footage will be used for promotional shorts to help generate ticket sales for the upcoming performance. I’ve also been asked to film the actual production.  I’ll be starting a series of interviews next.

This is exemplary of the variety of things I end up shooting.  Last week I was photographing an event where “the ladies” jumped up on a railing and started “twerking” – this week it’s prima ballerinas executing arabesques, cabrioles and fouetté jetés.

It’s an amazing process to witness this group of athletes preparing their routines and adding their own individuality to the moves.


Canon 5D MKII with Zacuto EVF and IDC System Zero Standard Follow-Focus
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8
Canon 85mm f/1.2
SmallHD DP7 HD monitor with monitor arm
Manfrotto 181 Folding Auto Dolly
Manfrotto RC Pan Bar EX Remote Control
Sachtler 0480 FSB-6 with Soom and Tri-Spreader
Sony PMW-EX3


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