Ballet San Antonio – Interviews on location

Sometimes you just have to make do. The rest of the facility was frenetic and noisy so we opted to set up in the recently acquired wardrobe storage space a few doors down from the dance studio. It was being remodeled and a bit of a mess. When I first arrived the heating system was stuck full on and it took time to find the right breakers to kill it. We never did find the breaker for the lights so I had to deal with a mix of flourescents as well as their annoying hum. In any case it went well enough.

I set up 2 cameras – one tight(Sony PMW-EX1) and the other for full upper body(Sony PMW-EX3). A Lectrosonics Hybrid Digital wireless mic and as an alternate had a Schoeps CMC 6 Ug Microphone with low cut filter did a great job capturing sound even with considerable noise from traffic outside. The residual backgroun noise was removed in Final Cut Pro. The 2 mic arrangement is good when there is concern over interference and provides a good backup. The SmallHD DP7 Pro OLED monitor was very useful in this 2 camera setup as it allows dual SDI input to view both cameras on the same monitor.


Photos by Joel Spring /
Sony PMW-EX3
Sony PMW-EX1
SmalHD DP7 Pro HD monitor
Lectrosonics wireless lav
Alternate boomed mic – Schoeps CMC 6 Ug Microphone with low cut filter

You can see the draft of this production here:


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