Hard Hat Fix

I covered a ground breaking ceremony for a local construction firm and it included the traditional shovel ceremony. The office manager wanted to get a shot of all the hats on the shovels turned to show the two companies involved but the winds kept spinning the hard hats around to the point of frustration for those trying to get them lined up. I decided to try to help out in post production so I asked them to provide me with samples of each of the hard hat used.

I shot each of the hats at slightly different angles and using the same lens, camera and flash settings. I then knocked out the backgrounds and brought them into different layers in photshop. The bigger challenge was to remove the backgroun where needed since the scaling and angles would not totally cover the existing hats. I also decided to remove one extra shovel to balance the composition. I used a clip from another image to over the part in front of the dozer and used cloning and other tricks to hide the others.



Photos by Joel Spring / RxDesign.com

Canon 1Dx
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8
Canon 600EX-RT flash units (3)
Manfrotto light stands
Manfrotto umbrella adapters
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop 6 vsn 14.1.2 CC


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