2014 Prevent Blindness Gala – photo booth fun

I’ve been fortunate to cover the Prevent Blindness Texas Gala events for the last couple of years and the photo booth has always been a big hit. As the night progresses and the drinks flow, so do the prints as the props get a work out. A DNP DS40 event printer keeps the prints coming, churning out a 4×6 color print every 8 seconds.

Photos by Joel Spring / RxDesign.com

Canon 1Dx
WFT-E6A Wireless File Transmitter
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8
Pocket Wizard MultiMax
Elinchrom 600RX
Manfrotto C-stands with 40″ grip arms
Chimera XXS softboxes
Paul Buff Shoot through umbrellas with rear spill guards
Macbook pro connected to a wireless router for wireless tether
DNP DS40 printer:
The compact 600 dpi DS40 Digital Photo Printer from DNP combines high-speed printing with dye-sub technology to produce high-quality photos from 2 x 6″ up to 6 x 9″ in size. The printer can produce high-quality 4 x 6 photos in under 8 seconds. As your printing needs increase and one printer isn’t enough, you can quadruple your print speed by connecting 4 DS40 models. Once the printers are linked you can stack them to conserve space thanks to their flat-top design.


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