Covering Concordia University’s CLI Speaker Seminar series

I have had the privilege to record a number of sessions at Concordia University in Austin Texas where leaders in the business community are invited to present real life experiences applying Christian beliefs to leadership practice.Joel-Spring-RxDesign_0252.jpgJoel-Spring-RxDesign_0251.jpg

Photos by Joel Spring /

Sony PMW-EX3 HD Camera:
The PMW-EX3 compact camcorder with an interchangeable lens system incorporates three ½-inch type Exmor™ Full HD CMOS sensors, each with an effective pixel count of 1920 x 1080, delivering stunning-quality HD images in 1080P, 720P, and 1080i HD resolutions. A rich variety of features for creative shooting are incorporated into this camcorder such as “Slow & Quick Motion”, which is also commonly known as “over-cranking” and “under-cranking”, selectable gamma curves, slow-shutter, interval recording and the Picture Profile™ feature. Additionally, the PMW-EX3 offers a convenient remote-control and multi-camera operation capability, which allows use with high-end camera systems. a Click here for information on the PMW-EX3 compatible NIPROS/1 studio configuration system.

Sachtler Soom Tripod:
The Sachtler 0760 FSB-8 Tripod System with SOOM Tripod is a tripod system featuring the FSB-8 fluid head. This kit consists of a fluid head, tripod, spreader and carry case. This system offers Sachtler quality in a complete tripod system.

Fluid Head
The Sachtler FSB-8 is a fluid head designed to work with a variety of camcorders up to 9kg. This head features Sachtler’s Snap & Go sideload mechanism which boasts an exceptionally large sliding range of 120mm (4.7″) and 10-step counterbalance.

The Sachtler S2003-0003 tripod legs are the foundation to the SOOM system. These tripod legs come in a two stage design featuring aluminum construction. The SOOM system can be upgraded and accessorized to offer a variety of functionality in one tripod set-up.

Mid-Level Spreader
The Sachtler TriSpread mid-level spreader offers stability in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. It comes with rubber feet for the tripod and is specially designed for the tripod legs.

Sound Devices 442 – 4 channel field mixer with CS-4 Production Case:
Developed with input from the industry’s top audio engineers, Sound Devices 442 encompasses the audio performance, feature set, and mechanical construction demanded by those who rely on audio gear for their livelihood. The 442 contains four microphone preamplifiers that re-define portable audio performance. With its comprehensive inputs and extensive outputs, including direct outputs per channel, the 442 is at home in small run-and-gun applications as well as large, multiple-input productions.

The 442 incorporates a complete feature-set into a compact, functional design. All controls are accessible on its three main surfaces; no hidden controls. The high-efficiency power circuitry runs the mixer from either four internal AA batteries or external 5–18 VDC.

Remote Audio CABETACCS104/5P Betacam Breakaway Cable:
This CABETACCS104/5P Betacam Breakaway Cable for Sound Devices 442 (20′) from Remote Audio provides convenient connection between a Betacam camera and the Sound Devices 442 mixer. It has an overall length of 20′ to provide plenty of slack for field applications.

Sanken CUB-01 Boundary Microphone connected to Sound Devices 442 Field Mixer:
From Sanken, the CUB-01 boundary microphone features a small profile while delivering a sound synonymous with large diaphragm microphones. The CUB-01 is an excellent choice for conferences, boardrooms, courtrooms, news broadcasts, film and more. The microphone features a unique square-shaped cardioid capsule, which significantly enlarges the area of the diaphragm. This proprietary design results in a rich, natural, “full-bodied” sound quality that is often associated with large diaphragm condenser microphones.

The CUB-01 is easily installed into any surface with minimal effort and it’s miniature profile renders the microphone inconspicuous. The wide frequency response effectively reproduces speech, instruments and ambiance. The cardioid polar pattern effectively minimizes off-axis noise and ambiance while providing a focused pick up.

Hemispherical – Cardioid Polar Pattern
The CUB-01 features a cardioid pick up pattern at the upper-hemisphere of the capsule. The result is excellent noise and phase suppression at the surface while maintaining a generous pick up area at the top.

Miniature Design
The miniature design results in inconspicuous, low profile microphone placement.

Square Capsule Design
The square diaphragm results in a larger diaphragm area. The result is a sound quality synonymous with large diaphragm condenser microphones.

Lectrosonics Wireless Microphone System:
The Lectrosonics 400 Series wireless microphone systems combine digital hybrid technology, diversity reception, and rugged components to achieve clear audio signals at long range. This system includes the UCR411 camera mountable receiver, LMa beltpack transmitter and M152 omnidirectional lavalier microphone.

The UCR411 is a portable, camera mountable receiver designed for professional audio applications in the field or indoors. The receiver is completely compatible with all 400 series wireless transmitters and provides 256 selectable UHF frequencies across a 25.6MHz tuning range. Smart Diversity reception reduces RF interference and dropout and a built-in RF spectrum analyzer searches across the entire 25.6MHz tuning range, locating the strongest possible frequencies in the area. The clear frequencies are marked and displayed on the back-lit LCD. Balanced XLR output provides maximum output gain with minimal noise and the receiver is powered with internal 9V batteries or external DC power supply.

The LMa transmitter features Digital Wireless Hybrid technology which combines a 24-bit digital audio chain with an FM radio link. The transmitter’s digital signal path eliminates the need for an analog compander, resulting in pristine, noise-free audio fidelity throughout. Internal DSP provides compander emulation so that the unit can be switched for use with 100, 200 and 400 series Lectrosonic receivers. The input section features a tap suitable for any microphone or line level audio source. 0 / -20dB LEDs are provided for accurate level settings, and an “Audio Level” dial is located on the top face of the unit. Two rotary frequency adjust dials are located on the side panel. The 1.6MHz is a coarse adjustment and the 100kHz is the fine. The unit is powered via a 9V battery and is enclosed in a rugged metal enclosure, made to withstand the rigors of road use.

DP7-PRO OLED HD Monitor:
The DP7-Pro redefines the way field monitors operate on set. With a precise attention to detail making the user experience uncomplicated yet extremely robust, speed is a natural byproduct.

Nearly every feature on the DP7-Pro is assignable to a Smart Key. Whether you require fast input switching, different levels of Zebra that you can quickly switch between or the ability to effortlessly toggle different 3D LUTs, tailoring to the way you work is what the DP7-Pro is all about.

  • Perfect Rec.709 Color Gamut via 3D LUT
  • True black levels – infinite contrast ratio
  • 1280×800 high definition display resolution
  • High-res full-screen waveform & scopes
  • 8 proximity-sensing Smart Keys
  • “X-Port” expandability port

Noga DG6145CA Cinematic Arm with 1/4″ 20 and 3/8″ 16 Mounts with micro super clamp

The Sony F5/F55 Baseplate:
Designed specifically to accommodate the rod to lens height on these cameras. The fixed height of the baseplate puts the included 12” rods at the correct height to mount a follow focus and matte box. The baseplate attaches to your camera with a ¼ 20 and 3/8 16 screw and has a standard tripod mounting ¼ 20 and 3/8 16 screw holes underneath.

The 12” rods are threaded and can accept extensions. Use the quick release ratcheting levers at the sides of the baseplate to slide the rods backwards or forwards to accommodate different size lenses.

Manfrotto RC Pan Bar EX Remote Control for Sony PMW EX Cameras:
Comes mounted with a standard pan bar and is compatible with Sony PMW EX cameras


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