Digital Power Wash with Photoshop

Recently while reviewing a draft of a video project, my client made the observation the store front was in desperate need of a power wash at the time the photo provided me was taken. The deadline was looming and there would not be time to get it washed and then shoot the picture.  I mentioned to them I may have a technique to improve…

Lean, Mean, Green Screen

It’s a tight squeeze but that’s what green screen is all about. If you don’t have quick access to the Grand Canyon, simply knock out a green screen and drop it behind the layer. A good friend needed to make some video clips as promos and testimonials but wasn’t sure about backgrounds so I offered shooting the video with a chromakey background as a…

Questions, Questions and More Questions

I had the opportunity to participate in a video project for Neiman Marcus in Houston. As part of a corporate assignment, a number of associates were asked a series of questions on camera and responded with their impressions regarding a newly adopted training program. They were all well prepared and the PR director was a task master, getting them ready, organized and on queue….


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