Close and Wide

Experimenting with extension tubes and wide angle zoom. This gave an interesting perspective – almost like your “inside” the shot. I used a 12.5mm and 25mm extension tube attached to a Canon 16-35mm wide angle lens at various zoom levels. I even removed the filter so I could get in close and at times the flower petals were in contact with the objective and I had to clean pollen grains off the lens. I’m going to try this with some other flower types this tomorrow.


Real Estate – 1 down – 1 to go

They finally close on one today… – didn’t think that was going to happen since they didn’t seem to be selling after over 2 years on the market – One down – one to go: (sold)

I don’t know which is better – shooting in daytime or night – they had no drapes so I preferred nights to eliminate mixed lighting… tungsten, fluorescent, shaded and direct sun… but if you could pull it off it might look better in late evening or early morning. I liked the late evening exterior shots with all the lights on. I’m sure you can do HDR but what a hassle. This project really made the 14mm pay for itself though not entirely by this job – at least half ;-). I created the web sites and I also did some 360VT shots for the one property – ( ). As always – good practice and learning opportunity – wish I could have lived in them while unsold – as you can see they weren’t too shabby.

Main Living area of Doral Crest Property - would make a nice studio.

Alien(skin) Encounter

Megan and her dad (Carey) dancing the “Father / Daughter” dance at her wedding (7.17.10). This photo was enhanced using Alienskin “Bokeh” with vignette, selective exposure and a filter effect called “Bokeh” which selectively enhances  lens blur of the background. One of the interesting things “Bokeh” does is analyze highlight areas and by option, creates specific images using the highlight.  You can see all of the pictures from Megan and Derek’s wedding at and also at . A video slideshow
is coming soon!

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I’ll usually pick out shots from the wedding that are particularly nice and make several variations in B/W and other applied effects. Look for more – Lightroom is my tool of choice with numerous presets and plugins to enhance images.