Wine styles

I have a client interested in photos of his wine offerings so I decided to help with some shot concepts to generate some interest in possible set ups and locations.  The local botanical garden had various water features and was close by so I picked up some generic brands and bought a glass to use in the sets.  I also included some studio shots so there would be a good sampling of multiple options available to them for the product.

The glass I used wasn’t terribly expensive (~$8 – the wine was cheaper) but it was very delicate and I  was certain I would accidentally break it.  I used a padded lens case to carry it and was fortunate it survived the ordeal. I brought cleaning solution, paper towels and rags to keep it polished and probably spent more time on cleaning than shooting though this wasn’t critical for these test images.

I used available light for most of the outdoor shooting with reflectors and scrims to redirect or provide hightlights.  I had a wireless remote with me (Pocket Wizard Multimax) so I could fire the camera while I worked the light modifers. The gardens had recently converted their water features to recycled resources so I was lucky all the fountains were still operational. In past years the drought would force them to turn everything of.  Below are a few samples…