Pastor A/V support- Several Hats at One Time

I’ve had the opportunity to record a pastor’s support group in the past and each time there seems to be more to do in support of the event. This recent event gave me the opportunity to record and photograph the activities while riding the sound system connected to 8 table mics and 5 wireless lavolier mics. Fortunately the pace was fairly predictable allowing me to juggle the tasks with reasonable attention to the details.


At this meeting I also provided support with 2 40″ monitors on C-stands, black background drop with accent lighting and video lighting. I set up remote off camera strobes to facilitate capturing quality stills for use on the web site as well.

Photos by Joel Spring
Web site:

Sony PMW-EX3 HD video camera
Manfrotto LANC controller
Sachtler Soom tripod
Mackie 16 channel mixer board
Small HD DVpro monitor
Audio-Technica Boundary mics
Lectrosonics wireless lavalier
Sennheiser wireless Lavalier
Arri 650 and 750 lights
Chimera video softboxes
Avenger C-Stands with 40″ grip arm
Insignia 40″ HD Monitors

Canon 1Dx
Canon WFT-e6a
Canon 600EX-RT
Canon 70-200 f/2.8
Canon 24-70 f/2.8


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